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Interview with Mariana Garcia


Mariana Garcia is a photographer from Mexico who produces some of the most hauntingly beautiful photographs we've seen in ages. Her portraits of the female form are particularly striking, and it's no wonder that she is creative director at P Magazine, a collector’s-style, and decidedly NSFW, publication of aesthetic wonder. As busy as she is, involved in various exciting projects, Mariana was kind enough to speak to us from across the Atlantic.



Can you tell us a bit about how you became a photographer?

Ever since I was a kid I was interested in photography, I used to take portraits of my pets, and later, in high school, I took professional courses. As I grew up, I decided to study graphic design and I did photography as a hobby, after finishing school and working for a year as a graphic designer, I realised that I wanted to do photography as a professional full-time job.


 What or who inspires you to take photos?

LIFE. Every stage of my life has been different and exciting. Also being surrounded by my loved ones, interesting and valuable people. I love and try to travel as much as I can, and that helps me to be inspired as well. And of course, music.


Is there anything that you particularly love taking pictures of?

My sister, my dogs, my trips, my husband, plants, textures, and my own personal moments.


Tell us about P Magazine...

P Magazine is an aesthetic object-book designed as a collector’s edition. Edited and curated by super-modernist design studio Face and myself. It's a hard-cover limited edition book published annually with 192 pages of exclusive photography and content created by the finest contributors across the globe. Our fourth issue is coming out this fall.


You take a lot of pictures of the female form, why?

I find woman’s body and essence very interesting, mysterious and beautiful. I think we are powerful and magical.


What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

I don’t particularly know what my next chapter will be, but for now, I just want to keep producing good work, and continue growing as a photographer and as a person.


 What advice would you give to up-and-coming photographers?

Being an independent photographer has its pros, but it requires discipline, so work hard, develop a personal method for yourself, learn from every person you meet, and every project in order to improve for the next one. And travel as much as you can.


What’s your idea of happiness?

Happiness is the little moments: love, nature, food, achieving personal challenges, sharing with loved ones, being conscious of your surroundings, being responsible for yourself, and living a healthy life.


What’s the meaning of life?

Hard question, still trying to figure it out, but I believe these words are important: Grow, LOVE, share, create, take care, balance, appreciate, accept, let go, don't take anything for granted.