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Interview with Tobias van Schneider

Photo by Luca Venter
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Even if you’ve never heard of Tobias Van Schneider, you’re definitely familiar with his work. He was Art Director and Lead Product Designer at Spotify when it went from 15 million users to over 70 million. Now he runs his own studio and is co-founder of Semplice, a portfolio system and online community for designers. He also happens to have the most impressive beard we’ve ever seen.




 General Question:

What have been the major milestones in your career?

I do hope the major milestones in my life and career are yet to come.


Chain Question:

How have you become better? Asked by JAC&

Showing up every day. Forcing consistency to keep creating every day, regardless of outcome.


What would be the reason for you to stop doing what you do right now?


Quick-fire Questions:

1. How much of your day do you spend working?

About 10-12 hours. Sometimes less, sometimes more. I don’t separate work and life.

2. Where is your ideal work environment?

Coffee shops for admin work. My home office/cave for creative work.

3. What do you hope to get across with your work?

I hope to make people happy or provide something useful. Simple as that.

4. What inspires you?

Jumping on a plane and going somewhere far away, where I’ve never been before.

5. What's the secret to a successful day's work?

A day without meetings.

6. Is there anything in your life that you can't live without?

Most certainly music. Well, and food. Can’t live without food.

7. Is there anything about you that people might not know?

Yes, and we will keep it that way.

8. What would be your dream project?

Anything related to space travel or space exploration makes my heart go boom boom.

9. What is the most time-consuming aspect of your work?

Emails. Communication and meetings. The necessary evils of successful collaboration.

10. What legacy would you like to leave behind?

This interview.