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Meet a Designer


meet a designer

An initiative to create a community of designers in Madrid and bring the different branches of design closer to value their potential.

MaD is an experiment that tries to bring together all kinds of Madrid designers to talk about design, regardless of age or professional level, and define how the city can be changed. Above all, how to improve it in the medium and long term, so that all stakeholders in the sector generate a network that drives a concrete change and makes more visible the importance of design in society.

Paloma Avila (Half & Twice), Francesco Furno and Pablo Galeano (relajaelcoco), Santos Henarejos (Paseo Studio), Gema Navarro (Rifle) and Wences Sanz (PlayRestart) promote this initiative, which aims to bring together the conversation of all disciplines and create a space in which professionals can meet and share their work and concerns.




meet a designer — I

18 October 2018, 19h | IED Innovation Lab
30 May 2019, 19h | IED Larra