Chai — Thousands of Stories


Chai — Thousands of Stories

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CHAI provides professional copywriting and digital marketing services to global clients from their hub in Dubai, UAE. A global content provider with years of experience across different mediums and sectors.




“Simple, humble, resonating world-wide. It speaks your language, soothes your soul, made just the way you like it. Thousands of blends, unions of stories, skill and experience, bursting with flavour, ever evolving – one common purpose. The ultimate gesture, of warmth, of understanding; you are welcome, rest your feet, break bread with us, there is nothing that a good dose of CHAI can’t solve.”


The Chai Blend


The team takes great pleasure in enabling businesses to reach their true potential through effective, thoughtful writing.

Why Chai?


CHAI stems from the belief that there is a solution to everything, coming in many blends and flavours – much like tea.